10683265 :ABGA
2/25/2015 :DOB

Bearcat Boers Jack Of Clubs
10660189     BCAT

Kindlehope Full Armor
10595020     KHOPE
LLBG Mr League X090
10421690     LLBG
TLC Boer Goats Valentine
10416699     TLC2
Bearcat Boers Mackie
10586983     BCAT
Foxtail Farm Fast Eddie
10494675     GCA
3BR Mistletoe
U-10561998     3BR


EANDB Lucky B Dirty Sheri
10617537     EANDB

KB346 Red Hot Dirty $
10561366     KB346
KB346 Dapple $'s Bill
10480739     KB346
K&D 447
10262385     KD
STARC Nova's Socks
10561238     STARC
JKN Newell's Night Ghost
10365425     JKN
JKN Newell's Nova Star
10332736     JKN


ABGA 10683265

Highland Legacy Boer Goats is honored to offer for your consideration our black fullblood ABGA buck, Carbon. Looking for a great buck to add some color to your herd? Carbon's pedigree is loaded with solid blacks and reds. He also has spots on both sides of his pedigree. He is an amazing buck who produces awesome color on his kids with great dispositions. I love Carbon so much that I purchased his maternal half-sister in 2016 and his dam, Sheri, in 2017.  ~ Jane Brodin




$105 US per straw

$500 US per 5 straw unit



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