AC1658465 :ADGA #
3/12/12 :DOB


Index # C047


*B Kickadee Hill AR Omega Man

+*B Kickadee Hill WMV Arlo
AS1372168     2-03 90 VEE
++B Windsor-Manor AA Victor
AS1089981     7-03 91 EEE
SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene 2*M
AS1287912     5-04 92 EEEE
SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M
AS1300842     4-02 92 EEEE
SGCH +*B Willow Run SK Wooly Bully
AS1282434     7-00 91 EEE
Kickadee-Hill Sweet Lorraine 4*M
AS1223189     3-02 84 +E+V


Irish Valley D Thintherely
AS1370127     4-02 83 +VV+

+*B Windsor-Manor SK Diesel
AS1317728     1-02 87 VEE
SG ++*B Willow Run V.Q. Scorpion King
Windsor-Maor DD Devon 3*M
AS1225044     3-04 89 VE+E
SGCH McQuitty-Farm WMV Thalutations
AS1295139     3-04 91 VEEE
++B Windsor-Manor AA Victor
AS1089981     7-03 91 EEE
SG Willow Run AS Tholong
AS1176256     3-03 87 +VEV


Meadow Mist is a promising young buck who excels in length of body and levelness of topline. His first group of doe kids are exhibiting similar traits with tremendous balance and correctness of front end assembly. Meadow Mist is a striking Sable with primarily black markings, throwing lots of color with his kids. His sire, B Kickadee Hill AR Omega Man, is son of ++B Windsor Manor AA Victor 7-03 91 (EEE) the 2004 ADGA National Premier Sire. Omega Manís dam, SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise *5M 4-02 92 (EEEE), is the 2009 All American Four Year-Old. Meadow Mist carries well from the dam side with grand dam, SGCH McQuitty Farm WMV Thalutations 3-04 91 (VEEE), the 1st place Two Year-Old with 1st place Udder at the 2006 ADGA National Show. Thalutations is also the paternal sister to the 2003 ADGA National Grand Champion, Francine. ~ Gwyn Schuon




$25 US per straw

$100 US per 5 straw unit



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