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The following are scheduled stops on our upcoming Fall Collection Tour Route for your area. If there is a "Host Herd" that you are interested in taking your bucks to for collection, you should first call that Host Herd and inquire as to their availability. Quite often the stops fill quickly and no assumption should be made that there is room available, since we do limit the number of animals we allow to attend each stop.

When inquiring, please remember that the "Host Herd" is just that, a host, not a paid employee. They do not work for BIO-Genics, LTD, they are simply volunteers and receive nothing for their efforts to accommodate you. Every effort should be made to help them with this endeavor, and it is always nice to offer to bring does in heat if at all possible. Often it is difficult for a small herd to come up with enough does for a large stop, especially if the scheduled date is late in the season. Each Host Herd must also provide farm fresh eggs for the collection process. If you have access to this commodity it would be helpful to offer them. Any assistance you can give we are sure will be gratefully accepted and well received.

All collection activities begin at 9:00 a.m. at every stop. Your buck should arrive at the Host Herd location by this 9:00 a.m. start time. Please be sure that your animals are tattooed legibly, and don't forget their Registration papers if they are registered stock. You should plan on the fun and games of the collection process to take about four to five hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Herd yourself, please telephone our office for more information on what that entails. We can be easily reached at (208) 756-6500.

The Host Herds available for your inquiry are:



NOVEMBER 10, 2018

Sage Valley LLC
2857 N 3000 E
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 316-7388


NOVEMBER 14, 2018

Jane Brodin
20169 Hoskins Rd.
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 866-1140



Breeders tend to think that their chances of getting a doe pregnant should be pretty good. That is, until they start trying to do so by artificial insemination. They then soon realize that sometimes it's not so easy for that one tiny sperm to penetrate an egg at just the right moment. Often, after a few failed attempts, their career as an AI Technician comes to a discouraging halt. Never suspecting that their success or failure was only partially under their own control.

Even before you start planning her next breeding, timing her cycles and watching for her telltale signs of readiness, you should be thinking about sperm quality. That's because sperm count, concentration, movement and speed are all dependent on the abilities of your semen processor. Sure, we can not breath life back into those little wigglers, but we do pass judgment on each straw's future or demise.

Each buck's semen quality can vary significantly from month to month, collection to collection, even day to day! A sperm cell's viability can be affected by a variety of conditions such as body temperature, stress, changes in season and climate, vitamin and mineral supplementation, even how often he is used! It is your processor's job to know how each of these factors will affect the quality of each straw produced. Without this sense of quality control, much time, money and energy is lost because there is not consistency of product.

Purchasing products and services from BIO-Genics, LTD insures that only quality, viable semen is what you receive. How do we maintain such consistency? We have undergone extensive training and education developing our processing skills, techniques and semen analyzing abilities. We work with other professionals in the world of genetic preservation and assisted animal reproduction. Through continuing education, we learn new techniques and apply the latest proven methods while constantly updating our lab equipment. This allows us to remain in the forefront of our industry. So...when quality and consistency is at the top of your list of priorities, you know who to call.

Thank you for considering BIO-Genics, LTD as your collector of choice.


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